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Thank you to Bob Nixon and GIWA Board Appointments

Thank You Bob Nixon Outgoing GIWA Chair & Congratulations on your GRDC Board Appointment ..

GIWA Crop Report - October 2020

Cool Finish Mitigating Slide In Yield Potential View the full GIWA Crop Report for October 2020..

GIWA Annual Report available online

To view and download the GIWA Annual Report, please visit (..


The GIWA AGM and GIWA Forum was held on Wednesday, 7th October 2020 at Crown Towers Perth, Great Eas..


The Grain Industry Association of Western Australia (GIWA) was established in 2008 in response to the deregulation of the Australian wheat market and the disbanding of the Australian Wheat Board.

GIWA is a not-for-profit, whole of value chain member industry association incorporated under the WA Associations Incorporation Act 2015. Its' purpose is to support an effective and efficient export-oriented Western Australian grain industry. GIWA facilitates communication, information exchange, capacity building and grain supply chain solutions for Western Australia.

Several state based industry associations consolidated to form GIWA, with the merger of NACMA WA, Oilseeds WA, the Western Oat Alliance, the Western Region Barley Council and Pulse WA.

GIWA’s members include researchers, plant breeders, seed cleaners and distributors, growers, grower groups, agronomists, farm business advisors, input service providers, domestic feed and food grain processors, bulk and container logistics service providers, the trade.

GIWA is a member of Grain Trade Australia, the Australian Oilseeds Federation, Pulse Australia, Stock Feed Manufacturing Council of Australia, the Australian Fodder Industry Association, and cooperates as the western regional council of Barley Australia. GIWA collaborates with the Australian Export Grain Innovation Centre, the National Working Party for Grain Protection, Wheat Quality Australia, the Grain Industry Market Access Forum and is a service provider to the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

Through partnerships with CBH and DPIRD and on behalf of members, GIWA provides support for trade development and market access issues in WA. GIWA provides barley rationalisation and oat classification ‘industry good’ services through the GIWA Barley and Oat Councils. GIWA is the caretaker of coarse grain standards in Western Australia, managed through the GIWA Standards Committee. GIWA provides monthly seasonal crop forecasting, the GIWA Crop Reports. GIWA promotes the West Australian grain industry as a globally competitive and technologically cutting-edge place to work through the GIWA Careers in Grain project. GIWA is a services provider to GRDC, running the GRDC Research Updates in Western Australia (formerly the DPIRD Crop Updates). GIWA was a founder and participates in the informal Food Alliance WA network of primary industries associations.

Each year GIWA members leverage their financial contributions in support of an effective and efficient export-oriented grain industry with 1000's of hours of voluntary industry expertise through the GIWA Board, Councils and industry working groups (wheat, barley, oats, oilseeds, pulses, careers in grain).