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GIWA Crop Report - August 2019

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DRAFT GIWA WA Malt Barley Varietal Recommendations 2019/20 2020/21

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GIWA Barley Spring Fieldwalk 8th - 9th Sept

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GIWA Barley Council

2019/20 Harvest and 2020/21 Harvest - Western Australia Malt Barley Varietal Recommendations - Draft v4_12072019

The following DRAFT malt barley varietal recommendations were made for Western Australia, for the forthcoming harvest 2019 and following harvest 2020, at the GIWA Barley Rationalisation open industry meeting in Perth on 4th July 2019.

They are designed to assist decision making about rationalising malt barley segregations at a port zone and area level during grower spring bin meetings in the lead up to harvest.

These recommendations are a guide only for the WA malt barley supply chain. They are subject to export malt barley marketers and maltsters’ feedback, grower estimates, MBIBTC malt barley varietal accreditation decisions by Barley Australia and commercial and seasonal segregation decisions by bulk handlers.

The final new WA malt barley varietal recommendations for 2019 and 2020 harvests will be available on the GIWA and CBH websites by 30th August 2019.

Industry consultation to rationalise malt barley varieties in the bulk handling system in Western Australia is a pre-competitive process facilitated by the GIWA Barley Council and CBH, with assistance from Bunge, maltsters Cargill Malt and BBM, and GIWA supply chain members including grain marketers, agronomists, farm business advisors, grower groups, growers and plant breeders.

GIWA Malt Barley Varietal Recommendations WA 201920 202021 Draft v4 12072019 GIWA Malt Barley Varietal Recommendations WA 201920 202021 Draft v4 12072019 (138 KB)

Previous recommendations from the July 2018 GIWA Barley Rationalisation Meeting can be found in the below pdf.

GIWA WA Malt Barley Variety Receival Recommendations for 2019_20 Harvest GIWA WA Malt Barley Variety Receival Recommendations for 2019_20 Harvest (2641 KB)

GIWA welcomes feedback to:

Lyndon Mickel, Chair GIWA Barley Council, 0427 766 029,
Will Piercey, Country Quality Manager CBH, 0429 109 604,
Larissa Taylor, CEO GIWA, 0413 076 665, 

APVMA emergency use permit #82594 for late season application of glyphosate over barley (except malting barley) expires 31st July 2019

On 2nd November 2016 the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority or government regulator, known as the APVMA approved the minor use permit (#82594) for two Nufarm glyphosate products for late growing season application of glyphosate over feed barley to kill weeds before grain harvest.

This permit is held by grower organisation Grain Producers Australia and expires on 31st July 2019. As at 4th July 2019 it is not certain whether or not the permit will be extended.

APVMA permit 82594 glyphosate barley APVMA permit 82594 glyphosate barley (170 KB)

Currently the CBH Group has an operational practice to segregate any late-season glyphosate-treated barley into feed barley segregations, regardless of whether the grain delivered is a premium malt barley variety (for human consumption beer supply chains) or a regular feed barley variety for stockfeed. Please check with your local CBH representative regarding the segregation of glyphosate treated barley.

The Australian grain industry treats the management of agricultural chemicals in the grain supply chain with the utmost seriousness. For a full list of minor use permits and further information on chemical residues please go to the Activities/Chemical Residues page of the GIWA website.


The GIWA Barley Council runs two or three public forums each year for the Western Australian barley value chain to discuss latest developments in consumer preferences, marketing, malting, breeding, research, agronomy & extension, variety rationalisation, variety accreditation, standards and MRLs. The GIWA Barley Autumn Forum is typically held in Perth in the third week of March, the GIWA Barley Rationalisation Meeting in the first or third week of July, and the GIWA Barley Spring Forum in late August (spring) in a regional location with field walks.

Representatives of the trade, maltsters and brewers, Barley Australia, the malt barley technical accreditation committee the MBIBTC (brewers and maltsters), the tertiary research sector, GRDC, DPIRD, the National Working Party on Grain Protection, the Grain Industry Market Access Forum, the National Residue Survey, the Australian Export Grain Innovation Centre, plant breeders, farm business advisors, agronomists, grower groups, and growers regularly participate in these fora.

Next event is the 2019 GIWA Barley Spring Field Walk Sunday 8th overnight Monday 9th September (immediately before the Australian Barley Technical Symposium in Perth on 9th-12th September). The field walk includes visits to trials Cunderdin, Tammin and back via York and the Pilot Malting Australia facility at Edith Cowan University.

GIWA Barley Spring Fieldwalk 2019 GIWA Barley Spring Fieldwalk 2019 (234 KB)

For RSVPs or further logistics information please contact Rachel Nash GIWA Marketing and Communications Manager or +61 8 6262 2128.

GIWA Barley Council Chair: Mr Lyndon Mickel, Esperance Grower, +61 427 766 029
CEO: Larissa Taylor, Grain Industry Association of Western Australia + 61 413 076 665